Moments become memories


We’ve all had those moments.  Long lost images in our brains that transform themselves into lingering and strong memories. The memories that we retain in our lives are moments that mattered.

They may sneak up on us at the most unsuspecting times, or they may be moments that follow us throughout our days and weeks, never leaving our mind.  Regardless of how often they dwell in the recesses of our brain, the presence of that memory can bring back sights and smells long since forgotten and induce feelings long since buried.

These are times that we refer to as pivotal moments – experiences that changed the way we felt about ourselves or encounters that made us realize what moments mattered most to us.  Although those memories may seem to fade over time their existence is never eradicated.

A sudden and unintended resurgence of a memory may elicit feelings that we have not allowed ourselves to think about for a long period of time.  But when we find ourselves ensconced in that trip down memory lane the recollection is so vivid that it invokes all of the feelings we have long since suppressed.

Memories are life markers – like the post it notes we put in our files to remind us of important paragraphs in the documents of our lives.  Subtle reminders that these moments meant something to us and are marked in our history so we can readily access them.

Let those memories seep back into your consciousness. They are re-entering your reality for a reason.  Relive that memory and realize the importance that it once had in your life and embrace the impact it had on you. Memories are invoked for a reason and only you can decide how to interpret that reflection into your past and decide how it has shaped your present and how it will affect you in your future.