This blog has been interrupted to bring you the following……


Breaking news from a small town in Northern Ontario – After writing an entry for a magazine in May, I was thrilled with the reaction and kind words I received.  The fire in my brain had been lit and I was wanting to fuel that fire with more writing.  After several unanswered emails asking if I could write anything else for the magazine – ANYTHING – I received a random thank you today and a gift certificate for my admission to the magazine.

I, of course, responded with the appropriate gratitude and another plea for any space at all to write freelance articles for the magazine.  Much to my absolute delight, I was asked to submit some of my writing for their perusal.

fingers crossed

My blog post today has been put on hold as I frantically search for some of the blog posts I think may get their attention.  Wish me luck.  All fingers and toes crossed would be appreciated!!