Putting the driving back in my driving


I have a new hero.  He doesn’t wear a cape, nor can he leap tall buildings in a single bound (at least not that I’ve seen).  He works at the Honda dealership I have been frequenting for many years and, each time I want to start shopping for a new car, he is always there to welcome me with a smile and a hug.

With my mother’s recent illness, we have been saddled with car payments for a car she was unable to drive.  My Uncle has been using the car and helping with the payment but the car was a giant noose around our necks and we had tried almost everything possible to sell it or get out of the lease.  Almost everything.  A random call to my hero last week put the wheels in motion, pardon the pun, and in 5 short days we traded in my vehicle as well as my mom’s car and I drove off the lot in a 2013 Civic with manual transmission.

I have been driving a 5-speed since I was seventeen years old.  I live in a small town with no bumper-to-bumper traffic so driving a stick-shift makes driving fun.  I wasn’t sure if I would stall heading off the lot yesterday but managing a clutch and shifting gears is just like riding a bicycle – it all came flooding back.

Thank you Peter Morrison for being the most caring and genuinely sweet people I have had the pleasure of doing business with.  And thanks for getting me into this!!

new car