A beautiful reminder


After spending my day off trying to catch up on all of the essential chores, the sky subtly reminded me to take the time to look around at the beauty that surrounds me.

This was the calm after the storm in the early hours of the morning.

calm after the storm

The dark storm-ridden sky gave way to the sunny day and the clouds lightened the mood.

textured clouds

The sky on the opposing side of the compass competed in the composition challenge and dappled the sky with its own picture.

outside 011

The sky cleared in the early afternoon and left this single image.

car 010

Winds churned and the clouds in the southern sky formed again, shrouding the sun behind their dense configuration.

clouds 002

After a battle in the sky the collaboration was complete and the sky was a brilliant landscape of mottled grey and wisps of white, reminding me that amidst the chaos in my own life there is still beauty in every day.

clouds 004

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