Not the cone!!


For any of you that have ever owned a pet, you are familiar with that hateful plastic cone they have to don as part of their wardrobe after a surgical procedure.  It’s a tragic piece of equipment and it’s as painful for us to watch them wearing it as it is for them to carry it around.  I just went through two weeks of it with my dog.

All too often, people seem to go through life with an invisible version of that very cone.  A compacted mass of concealed particles shrouds their peripheral vision. It keeps them so focused on only the tunnel they can see when the world is revolving around them out of their line of sight.


There are so many things that are missed because we refuse to look beyond our interpreted field of vision.  We forget to study the bigger picture.  So many things go unnoticed because we either refuse to look or hide in the cone that we have created for ourselves.

Pets do nothing but strive to find a way to release themselves from the cone.  They connect with furniture, drag it along walls and even fill it with dirt and mud outdoors trying to scrape it along the ground to release themselves from the binds of selective blindness.  Humans, on the opposite end of the spectrum, try to keep themselves bound in that discerning lack of vision and don’t want the freedom of external sight.

Take the blinders off!!  If you have to scrape your head along the pavement – lose the cone.  Let yourself see everything you are meant to see and learn from the lessons life has to offer. Look in all directions. Any decisions you need to make will be better served by having that entire field of knowledge at your fingertips, not just the portions that you choose to see within your cone.

5 thoughts on “Not the cone!!

  1. Was this prompted by something in particular or has it just been brewing for awhile?
    I think part of that cone these days is the phone stuck four inches in front of everyone’s noses.

  2. I was nodding along as I read this. Yep, I’ve seen my dogs do everything in their power to rid themselves of the plastic torture. I’ve not had to put one on a cat, but that could be entertaining….oh, wait, that wasn’t the point 🙂 How you related this to people was insightful. Something to think about when I’m losing sight of the big picture.

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