Hollywood may have ruined it for me


Admittedly, I have seen Sleepless in Seattle at least a dozen times.  For that matter, I will come clean and say that I have seen my fair share of romantic movies.  There is something truly endearing about the thought of being drawn to someone in the way that Meg Ryan was pulled across the country to find Tom Hanks.

We all love the feeling of being in love……the giddiness, the smiles at random times when you think of those cute moments and the contented feeling from knowing that someone reciprocates those feelings that you feel.  But all too often we find ourselves (at least I do) wishing that falling in love resembled something from the big screen.  We want the music score, we want the slow motion kiss…..we want to be in love in a movie.

Hollywood certainly knows how to dangle the bait of love stories to all of the hopeless romantics that wish their own fables of romance would emulate those on the big screen.  They make us want to fall in love in a way that is completely removed from the mundane realities of our own lives.  And although our lives may not seem at all ordinary, there is something exhilarating about falling in love the way they do in that scripted performance.

In reality, love will find us at random times and show itself in unique ways.  It may not mirror the effortless bliss they show on the big screen, but it is fraught with as much truth and depth as those moving pictures.  Love that we find in our own lives may come with more obstacles than are written in those quickly abating scenes or it may seem completely effortless, like it was written just for us.

Regardless of the circumstances, the love that we put our heart and soul into is the stuff that movies should be made of.  Listen to your own music score and write your own script – your love story could be better than anything you can watch at the theatre.

17 thoughts on “Hollywood may have ruined it for me

  1. My second husband and I met, got to know each other, and fell in love in a VERY fairytale/Hollywood setting. We spent countless hours together on horseback, riding alone through beautiful wooded hillside. We had adventures. I saved actually saved his ass one time (he says his life, but that might be a tiny bit dramatic). We had our horses run off and abandon us once. We swam in the lake with our horses. We met a loose white stallion that ran with us through the fields. And, although, now we have an everyday life of jobs, kid, bills, etc . . . we have this insane connection and romance to our relationship still. We are so thankful that we didn’t meet in a bar, or at work, or online. There is nothing wrong with those things, but we feel life we were given an incredible gift. Our love story, our first kiss, were more romantic than anything I’ve read or seen on TV. This was not my first time around the block, so I knew it was something extra special. We are so very fortunate.

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