Five Cold Toes (Trifextra Challenge)


It lurks waiting for food,

never hiding behind a rock.

It has a certain penchant,

for neither pants nor frock.

It waits patiently in my dryer,

taking no more than a single sock.



Written for the weekend Trifextra Challenge – It’s now time for some Trifextra fun. Thirty years ago, Roald Dahl published the book Dirty Beasts, a collection of poems for children about weird and wonderful animals. The last poem, however, is called The Tummy Beast about a boy who thinks there’s someone living in his belly. Your Trifextra challenge is to write 33 words on a beast in an unusual place. No swamps or forests or caves, we really want you to take your beast out of its comfort zone

37 thoughts on “Five Cold Toes (Trifextra Challenge)

  1. Ha!ha!So true and mine takes a hankie or two too,no doubt to wipe away the tears that slip down it’s cheeks when it hears us black listing it ;-)Loved your take:-)

  2. This is my favorite!!! This monster lives in the dryers of everyone I know. We all know that he is there, but he has somehow still been able to evade and confound every single one of us….repeatedly and methodically stealing one sock at a time until we are all left with laundry baskets full of socks with no matching pairs.

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