A heaping dose of perspective


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(It doesn’t look like this now, but it will soon)

The Heaven’s have aligned and I am back home after twelve days of living in a hotel room with my puppy dog.  I can’t even find the words to describe how it feels to be home – and that is a first for me!

I ran the gamut of emotions while I was under that temporary roof.  I was grateful to have that roof over my head and friends who cared enough to offer me a plethora of living options, but my frustration was undeniable.  I’m sure the bureaucratic red tape at a certain energy company tangled the process and elongated my hotel stay by at least five days.  But, I digress.

I flipped the breaker myself earlier today and was warmed by the glow of light coming from my windows.  In the days preceding I had been stopping by to check the progress of the work and my house sat lifeless on my property.  No light emanated from my windows and it sat as a cold, empty shell where there once was life.

There is still a noticeable chill in the air, inside, but I am home.  All of my electronics work and nothing else was damaged in the ordeal.  The only thing I had to do was call Bell to help download the guide for my satellite to get it working again.  The lovely woman I spoke to was in the Philippines.  I’m sure you have all seen the news of the devastation in the Philippines and, while she was personally unaffected, members of her family have lost everything.  We had a very fortuitous conversation that allowed me to truly put my seemingly overwhelming problem into the perspective it deserves.

I still have a home.  I still have all of my belongings and I have a large collection of friends who would be there for me if I ever needed them again.  I didn’t lose everything.  I don’t have to wonder how I will recover from such a devastating loss and I don’t have to mourn family and friends who didn’t survive.  These last twelve days were really just a hiccup in my existence.

670,000 people are now homeless and countless have not survived in the Philippines.  It really makes my previous rants seem so selfish and I will keep those people in mind the next time I want to complain about an infinitesimal problem in my life.

27 thoughts on “A heaping dose of perspective

  1. Glad your home sweet home. I know what your talking about the snow blanketing us soon, I’m pretty sure I live just a bit south of you,,,looks like it will be a few more warmer days, which means we will probably get dumped on soon, lol.

    That poor woman in the Philippines. what a strong person and she still came to work! My heart goes out to them and now that I learned that I have gotten a part-time job today, I’m going to definately be donating to the Red Cross and do my part.

  2. I’m so glad your home!!! However… I’d give anything to stay in a hotel room for 12 days 😀 😀
    We were out of our home for 9 months after a fire destroyed our home, it was a “hiccup” in our existence as well compared to what some people endure, but just the same it is a “hiccup” and we are entitled to get frustrated and upset at our situations!
    I am so glad your home!!! Enjoy, you should invite Marcus James over he is a wonderful conversationalist!!!
    Your puppy will miss the hotel..?? 😀 😀 xo

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