I Hear Only You


Another poetic duet with my dear friend Sage Doyle.   Please click the link to his page and treat yourself to some of his other writing.


Amidst the calling wind I turn

to find you there, bating

the imprints you left behind

as you found your voice


I watched you follow that cry

churning in desperate circles

chasing the sound you had forgotten

remembering when your voice was strong


It was then that I began to fall

if only for the reaching, the sound

of my own echoes were of remorse

the recall of these discrepancies


I search for your hand

to steady me and  hold me as I fall

stronger than any voice in the dark

the errant sounds land heavily on my heart


It is this restitution which I embrace

in order to continue on, calling along the way

while you become the stronghold,

the stage of my convictions


I seek and hold the dulcet tones

those symbols of your existence in my reality

those things that hold me true to who I am

and that voice that draws me to you

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