A few lines of latitude


I consider myself to be an extremely lucky person.  I am fortunate enough to call many people friends and have them reciprocate that sentiment.  There was a saying I remember hearing as a teenager that really stuck with me –  “Friends are the family you choose for yourself”.


(image credit: planet–earth.ca)

My friends are scattered far and wide.  Some I get to spend many hours with and share philosophies and laughter and others are located in other cities, provinces and countries, even continents.  Some I have never met face to face.  We also share the same ideals and sense of camaraderie but we do it through cyber space and across the blogosphere.

There are no lines of latitude or longitude that can divide a friendship.  Those relationships can span time and distance and there is great comfort knowing that the strength in those friendships gives us the ability to pick up where we left off even after months of being apart.

I have received an overwhelming amount of support from all of my friends, near and far.  Whether they are known in my physical reality or in my cyber reality, the strength and encouragement I have been given has been monumental to getting me through a very trying time.

I wanted to say thank you to all of my friends for really being there for me and sending your words of love and optimism.  Although by kilometers and miles we may seem worlds apart, your words bring you close and keep you in my heart.

17 thoughts on “A few lines of latitude

  1. This is great! I share the same sentiments – even friends we never meet can serve as sources of encouragement. I’m glad you’ve found comfort in your chosen family – near and far 🙂

  2. Making friends online over the last 8/9 years has taught me a lot about how real friends can be even though you don’t see them every day.\
    Great poignant post

    I consider you my friend

  3. I know I’ve been more like “that” friend who doesn’t “call” as often as I should, but please know you’ve been in my thoughts. By the way,it’s good to hear you sounding like your old self. (That’s not a crack about age…!)

    Cheers to blogger friends and “gladitude,” Susan 😉

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