Riding the waves and becoming yar



I can honestly say I haven’t had the smoothest of seas to navigate the waterways of my life but I have never had the urge to abandon ship and head for the calmness of the shore.  Sometimes being adrift in that expansive sea brought challenges I had never anticipated but, through those unexpected waves, I found I had more ability to navigate than I gave myself due credit.

I could feel comfortable being captain of my ship knowing that I could sail those high seas with confidence.  I stood my ground at the helm.  Although the sea threatened to swallow me more than a few times, I anchored myself to my craft, trusted in my strength and rode the currents to safety.

Experience is the greatest teacher and life is certainly gracious enough to acquiesce and provide a heaping dose.  Becoming able to weather any storm is knowing how to learn from that experience and store it for the future.  I can now sit back and let the wind blow my sails in any direction because I am well prepared for the next tempest.