Job fairs and being able to form a sentence


Things have changed drastically since I was a young teenager propelling myself into the work force.  I was a go-getter when I was young.  I had procured my first job at the age of twelve by walking into the store, relatively well-dressed for a kid my age, and handed over a resume that I had proudly written in cursive.  That piece of paper included absolutely no formal job experience besides babysitting but they could not resist my enthusiasm and my charm and I was hired on the spot to be a cashier and stock girl in a small, family run vegetable market.

Yesterday, I had cause to be at a job fair at the local high school.  Without going into scandalous detail, the outfits and the lack of eye contact or direct communication was overwhelming.  We did meet some wonderful candidates who presented themselves extremely well but the ones who stick out the most, sadly, are not the ones who inspired this post and, respectfully, they will not be the subject matter for the remainder of it.


Mumblers and those who completely avoided eye contact aside, I was impressed by the level of maturity shown by some of the students who stopped by our desk.  They introduced themselves, some shook our hands and they asked questions about our lodge.  Sure, some of the outfits were not truly conducive to obtaining gainful employment but I had to cut them some slack.  They shuffled out of their high school classes because their attendance was required by the school.  For those who took the fair a little more sincerely, they arrived with resumes in hand and fully willing to take the day seriously.

I still maintain a modicum of hope for the future generations.  Notwithstanding the applicants who had their parents apply for them, I think we found some keepers!







7 thoughts on “Job fairs and being able to form a sentence

  1. Oh my! You just made me remember all the resumes I penned in the stockroom of a Benetton store on my lunch hour. Each one of them a rejection for my dream job until the day I got hired by the company of my dreams (and met sofagirl). You definitely needed enthusiasm, stamina and a good imagination: most of the jobs on my resumes were invented as I had no experience.

  2. I’m glad you found some keepers. I find that kids now (wow – doesn’t that make me sound old!) have a greater sense of entitlement than I did when I was younger 😉

  3. Also – I may not be reading posts for a week or so (who knows how long) because my mother has just been put into palliative care. She lives about 3,000 kilometres away so I’ll be taking flight soon to be by her side.

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