Just like an elephant


“Love is space and time measured by the heart.” ~ Marcel Proust

heart tree

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The heart has a long memory.  It can quickly recall moments that have gradually faded into the past or people who have been taken away from us far too early.  It stores all of the things that our brains have long since forgotten, either by chance or by choice, and always makes room for more.  It lets us remember the things that mean the most to us and it creates more space every time we meet another soul who deserves a place there.

The heart can reach back into those abandoned stages in our lives when we least expect that trip down memory lane.  It can pull the emotion from the happiest times in our lives but it also never forgets the pain.  It uses that dull ache as a canvas, a backdrop to remind us of where we have been as we begin to paint the new picture of where we are going.

A heart that truly loves almost always forgives but it never forgets.  The scars of emotion are deeply etched in its tissue.  Time marches on but the heart will always carry the burden of every emotion that has brought it to the present.  It will be gracious.  It will be accepting.  And it will remember how it felt to be broken so it doesn’t willingly pass on that pain to another heart.

The heart does have a long memory.  And on the days that the images are still able to escape the brain, the heart will always be there with a gentle nudge to keep those sacred thoughts close.

(Thanks Lyn!)

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