What you leave behind


Everyone wants to make their mark on the world, to leave something behind so they will be remembered.  For me, that mark is made with words.  This blog will live on in cyber space long after I am gone and I can only hope that some of the phrases that I have strung together will leave an indelible imprint, not only on the internet but, in the memories of those people who took the time to read my posts.

I have taken it one step further and just completed writing my first novel, hopefully the first of many.  This chain of ideas, this woven tale of characters and plot lines, has a piece of my soul buried in its structure.  It has my emotion and my sense of humor represented by the cast, human or canine.   It is stippled with moments of my life that had a lasting impact on me whether they were humorous or traumatic.

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My words are my legacy.  They are the things I choose to leave behind, the things I want people to remember about me.  Besides my relationships with family and friends, words are the things that I gave my heart to expecting nothing in return.

We all make choices every day of our lives.  The hardest choices are sometimes the most meaningful and the most rewarding.  If you had to make a choice, what will you leave behind?





14 thoughts on “What you leave behind

  1. It is hard to find words that live up to most really great pictures, and you threw down the gauntlet for yourself with this one, for sure. Many album covers were also much better than the music inside, (imho) but what you said is so true that it touched me deeply, long before I saw the image, which also rang true, as poignant as the words and thoughts expressed.
    This week, I began the arduous task of eliminating more than 90% of the posts I follow.
    It was nothing personal, but I realized that just because someone “liked” a post I wrote didn’t really mean the same thing as it did to me, and taken on balance, I do not have the time to read that many other authors.
    It’s not abut just numbers. I got caught up in the “blah-blah-blah’s of blogging,” and ended up missing the better posts in the process; ones like yours, which are consistently thoughtful and well-written.
    If I only reach a couple dozen authors and writers in the process, so be it. I deserve better, more profound influences into which I can really sink my teeth, and so do they.
    I look forward to reading your novel. When you weave yourself into it, and it is real, you give life to something more than just mere words.
    (sorry for the rant…you touched a chord in me that resonated deeply, and I thank you for that.)

    Chazz Vincent

  2. I like to think of all these words I’ve produced as a painting hanging on a single wall: maybe it will be appreciated only by those who live there, but it’s appreciated nonetheless.

    • I swear, using my phone to comment is frustrating. Stupid auto correct 😦 what I was trying to say is that you have a beautiful way with words and it’s a great legacy you leave. (Now phone, was that really so hard?!)

      I, on the other hand, leave bungled comments like this that may be remembered for entirely different reasons 🙂

  3. Well done for completing the first novel, Susan. What I hope to leave are my words as well, and to know that I’ve sprinkled love around those I’ve come into contact with during my life xxx

  4. Hello, I am looking for the author or the picture of the girl hugging the book. I would like to use it on my homepage. Are you the author? Thank you for your kind reply! Cheers, Jutta

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