I don’t care where it came from


Emotion has always been the driving force behind the need to write my blog posts. Putting words to a page allows me to process emotion in a way I feel most comfortable. This post is going to allow me to vent some frustration and attempt to understand the vast divide between the people who get it and the people who never will.

It is currently Monday afternoon, as I write this, and in the past thirty minutes I have admonished myself for habitually touching my face several times. It shouldn’t matter since I have been staying home and have obsessively washed my hands approximately thirty times since noon, but I’m still trying to do my part to flatten the curve.

I have cried so many tears thinking of the front-line workers in essential services, the truck drivers, the first responders, the police, the fire departments, the paramedics and the many doctors and nurses who are forced, too frequently, to decide which patient deserves to be put on the only available ventilator. Day in and day out, they enter a war zone to save as many lives as possible.

Shortly before I felt the desire to write another blog post, I received a comment on Facebook from an old acquaintance (who I have since unfriended) sharing his theory that the virus is lab-made and everything will be fine in a week. His rhetoric was written in response to a meme I had posted about adhering to the government-imposed social distancing and self-isolation. He continued his nonsensical comments by saying he would not allow the government to tell him how to run his household and the “hype” surrounding the virus isn’t warranted.

Let me just say this, and I apologize for the profanity that will follow….at this point, I don’t give a shit where the virus came from. It could have been created by a university student, bored in their molecular biology class for all I care. My biggest concern is that it is here, and it is killing people. The “hype” surrounding this virus has crippled our existence and forced those of us, who understand the concept of how this virus spreads, to stay home and hone our skills on social media, pick up sewing again, read the book we have been meaning to read or to teach ourselves how to bake homemade bread. My family lives two minutes away and it would be SO easy to drop by for a quick visit, but those visits are now reduced to me say hello from my car window across the road from their driveway.

I spent a great deal of time calming myself before I wrote this post. It would have contained an exaggerated number of expletives had I not taken many deep breaths before putting my fingers on the keyboard. The “hype” surrounding this virus has already killed upwards of 74,000 people, and those are just the registered deaths. Those who have succumbed to the virus were people like you and me. They had families and friends, and their deaths will not go unnoticed.

This isn’t over. This virus isn’t finished with us. More people will die and they could be people we know and love. And if I follow the inane thought-process of the ignoramus who is not following the guidelines of staying at home, I hate to think how much soap I would need to wash my hands of the blood of those I may have inadvertently infected with my utter disregard for the severity of this pandemic by NOT staying home.

My government does not run my household. My heart and my head run my household. And if I, for one second, thought I could potentially help even ONE person by staying at home, you can bet your ass, I will choose staying at home. Every. Single. Time.






10 thoughts on “I don’t care where it came from

  1. Thank you Sue… I just lost a friend two days ago to the virus. The utter hopelessness that went through me was beyond words. The need to run over to the family and give hugs and soft words of comfort had to be satisfied with a phone call. We are a very compassionate country .. a few idiots will never change us. Take care and continue to do your part as you want.

  2. I simply couldn’t agree more if I tried! I currently work for Amazon and while all the strict rules they have put in place makes it feel all so very dystopian or post-apocalyptic, I follow those rules to the very best of my ability (especially given we were just notified a few days ago there is a confirmed case in our warehouse) and it is so surreal, I can no longer decide how I feel about anything. But I get so angry and frustrated with folks who won’t wear their masks properly or want to act like this is all over-dramatized all because it hasn’t hit home for them; all because they haven’t had to deal with it directly in some fashion. Who cares if you don’t know someone directly with it? Why should that make any difference? The US is now experiencing all out protests, basically at the urging of our so-called leader (I refuse to say that idiot’s name….ever!) and it really astonishes me that it’s all done in the name of preserving their so-called rights. I guess they believe in the right to put everyone they go near at risk or even death and that’s fine just as long as they are not inconvenienced. It so upsets me, but again, there is so much that upsets me about this country at this point, I don’t even know where to begin! Anyway, I am mildly amused that you feel a need to apologize for your profanity. I hardly noticed. I supposed because had it been me, it would’ve been much more like Samuel L. Jackson talking and about 20x the profanity you were using…ha! While excessive profanity is absurd for a variety of reasons, sometimes a well placed expletive adds the poignancy needed to get the point across. Just my thoughts on it.

    • I have banned myself from watching anything on CNN because I can’t even stand looking at him, let alone listening to his ridiculous barrage of made up words. I do hope you stay safe and keep well. It sounds like a lot of people just don’t get how serious this is. I live in a very small town two hours north of Toronto and half of the population decided to travel up here to stay at their cottages. It terrifies me that any one of them could be asymptomatic and it could really affect our town.

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