I just wanna know



If my hand brushed up against yours,

would your fingers curl around mine,

would you reach for my touch

as easily as I long for yours,

and let your thumb

gently caress my skin?

If I kissed you,

would our lips slightly touch

before you turned away,

or would your face lean into mine,

absorbing every ounce of the passion

I want to share with that kiss?

If I said I love you,

would you immediately build a wall

to keep me at a distance,

or would you pull me close

happy to share my emotion

because you feel it too?

If I fell into you,

would your arms catch me,

would my body be met by the warmth of your flesh,

or would I awake, once again, from my dream

wondering if you really exist.

I just wanna know.

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Things are not always what they seem – Trifecta post


From the outside, it would appear like she had it all together.  She radiated confidence.  Her smile was engaging and warm, but inside she was empty, void of feelings.  She was consumed by thoughts of him.  His voice echoed in her ears, his smile was ingrained in her mind and his touch still burned on her skin.

The icy hand of fate had reached down and snatched him far too early.  She stumbled through her days lost in a fog of memories.  She smelled his cologne in the air and heard his laughter rise and fall on the wind.

He wasn’t meant to be there.  He did it for her and when the stray bullet hit him, death was instantaneous.  The guilt she felt consumed her.  She put the last pill on her tongue and washed it down with the bitterness of his whisky.  To everyone else it would appear that she had taken her own life.  But she knew the truth.  He took it with him when he left first.


This was written for the Trifectra Challenge.  I don’t know why this story turned out to be so morbid – I will blame exhaustion.  I was even able to use appear twice!

On to the weekly, one-word prompt.  This week’s word is:

1a : to be or come in sight
b : to show up <appears promptly at eight each day>
2: to come formally before an authoritative body <must appear in court today>
3: to have an outward aspect : seem <appears happy enough>