Opinions are like belly buttons


I have never had much faith in my ideas.  I used to think my opinion wouldn’t be worth the air used to expel my thoughts.  But I’ve come to realize through blogging that there will always be at least one person who shares my opinion.  Some of my thoughts may go against the grain and rub people the wrong way, but opinions are like belly buttons, everyone has one.  Inevitably the words I put into cyberspace will resonate with someone and that, alone, makes the time it takes to write a post completely worthwhile.

There are days when I receive comments that completely argue the other side of the coin and that, too, makes the effort worth it because it always gives me another way of looking at a subject that perhaps I was viewing in too linear a way.  Those comments may help me to form an alternate opinion and see a point of view that I may have never considered.


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Sometimes the opinions I express quickly get the most profound reactions.  I could spend hours trying to piece together a meaningful post, one that comes from the depth of my writing soul, and it inspires nothing.  But a collection of sentences that I didn’t over-analyze and spend hours interrogating spurs discussion and controversy and keeps the comments flowing.

It’s difficult to know what will grab the attention of other people, but I can only write with the hope that my opinion matters.  And the most important person it should matter to is me.  I have to give myself permission to stand behind what I believe, whether the masses agree or they differ in that opinion.  Perhaps what urges me to continue in this quest is the love of a healthy debate – being able to hear arguments from both sides to come to a healthy consensus.

That is the true joy of expressing a thought.  Regardless of what thought it is, an opinion will undoubtedly weigh heavily on at least one person and make them think.  Maybe that one person will be me, and maybe it will be you, but whomever that person is, it was worth putting the words on the page.

What’s your opinion?

32 thoughts on “Opinions are like belly buttons

  1. I was thinking about the same thing the other day. I can never bet accurately on how interesting my posts are to other people. I suppose this is a reflection of the real world, only more honest. Where in a real conversation someone might smile politely (and secretly yawn in huge boredom), commenting online will always be a measure of real interest.

  2. My opinion is that you have nailed it on the head! “To thine own self be true” is the guideline I follow. My readers can agree or disagree with my POV and that’s what blogging is all about for me. It keeps my blog exciting and fun for me.

    Great post!

  3. Put the words on the page, I agree. I recently complained to a friend about the appearance of my blog (yawn) and he said the same thing, it’s the words that matter more. You gotta write what wants to come out – regardless. Thanks 😉

  4. Would I have a belly button if I was a test tube baby?

    I love that, like you, when I just post something it gets more response than something I have labored over (typically – not always). I like to get all different aspects (as long as they are presented respectfully) – so I agree that it’s good to see differing opinion.

  5. I don’t think there is a right or wrong to blogging. Is there?
    (that i, unless you’re a complete dumb-ass or a child)…I know of one in this case. Two wrapped tightly in a 40 year old body. Weirdness follows me on WordPress.

  6. Our world is full of opinions, which is good. It’s the people who have a one-sided opinion and aren’t willing to listen to another that ruin it. My belly button is an “in-ee.” 🙂

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