Our senses


We are a species of senses.  We rely on sight, touch, taste, sound and smell to allow our perceptions to travel to our brain where they are realized and understood.  And when we see something that we find pleasing to the eye we are immediately captured by the look of it.  Whether it be a piece of art, the car of your dreams, a stunning photograph or the look of another person, our brain reacts to the ocular stimulation and we become mesmerized by the vision.

More often than not we become so focused on the things that are evident to the naked eye that we forget to take into account the sense that our heart feels when it is equally captured by something.  It is simple to covet things we see –  a random object that catches our attention and we want so badly to have it for our very own.  But the things that catch your eye can be deceiving – they can change over time and ultimately hold none of the rapture that they once did.

The things that capture your heart are worth a million of the trinkets that once held your visual attention.  Life is about passion and harnessing that ebb and flow of energy that makes our hearts full.  By pursuing the things that truly capture your heart you are embracing the genuine happiness you feel when you follow that intense feeling.

Believe in that passion, whatever it may be, and know that the special things that capture your heart are well worth the effort to pursue.  We get one chance at this life.  Never forget that the five senses will create lasting memories but make this life the best you can by trusting your gut and following your true passions.

6 thoughts on “Our senses

  1. What you said — and how you said it — is an example of how pursing life with passion for the things of the heart bring the most pleasure and fulfillment. Well done, with heart 😉

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