State of mind


I am in a very zen state right now.  I’ve just come back from having a Hot Stone Massage and the tension that used to ride shotgun on my shoulders has dissipated to nothingness.  Although the August temperature is a mere 15 degrees, my body feels warm and I can feel the blood coursing through my newly relaxed muscles.  I am gelatin.

I had a blog post in mind when I left my house but the words have just fallen away.   I have a writing deadline looming, but I cannot conjure the idioms that are required to complete the task.  And the most glorious thing is – at this precise moment I don’t care.  I want to bask in this feeling of nothingness.  I want to close the laptop and absorb the sounds of nature that soothe and enhance this suspension of reality.

The wine is poured, the windows are open and I am on a journey to seek nothing.

13 thoughts on “State of mind

  1. I am so jealous of your massage! I have never gotten one, and this just makes me feel like falling asleep! Ready to get off work and retrieve my own glass of wine! 🙂 Have a Happy Day!

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