Last Trifecta


A chorus of silent voices,

joining in harmony around the globe.

Embracing passion,

creating relationships,

making friends.

We placed a bet on the Trifecta,

wagered everything we had.

We all came in first.



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Written for the last ever Trifecta challenge – 33 words of our own choosing.  It saddens me that the doors to the Trifecta lounge will be closing but I am thankful for the friends I have made in that lounge.  Thank you to the creators of Trifecta for giving us the opportunity to hone our skills and choose our words wisely.  And thank you for creating a community that will live on in our newly developed friendships.

47 thoughts on “Last Trifecta

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  2. How right you are, FTW! Also, what Christine said.
    I’m glad to have met you here, and look forward to finding you again : )

  3. What a perfectly balanced and beautiful tribute to Trifecta!Loved it :-)Glad to have had the opportunity of reading you here on Trifecta and hope to see you around,all the best always 😀

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