Night breezes seem to whisper



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I have always been fortunate when it comes to dreaming. Not only do I have very vivid dreams splashed with a vast array of colors but I also retain most of my dreams in my waking moments.  Last night was no exception to those rules.

Last night I dreamed of my mom.  It is not the first time she has been in my dreams since she passed a couple of weeks ago but this dream was the first time that she was the main character in the night-time production of my subconscious.  During the wee hours of my REM sleep we were able to have a conversation.

In the bizarre circumstances of my dream she had already passed away but when I was the only other person in the room she would become magically reanimated and we would talk at great length.  When others entered the room she remained still, not a word escaped from her lips.  When I awoke this morning, rather than feeling perplexed I felt deeply comforted and peaceful.  I don’t recall many of the words she uttered to me in my sleep but I do feel a great sense of warmth and a feeling of relief that she is content on the other side.  She no longer carries the chains of the physical limitations she endured with her illness and, finally, she truly feels fine.

Have you ever received messages in your dreams?



18 thoughts on “Night breezes seem to whisper

  1. I’m like you…..colorful, vivid dreams that I remember well. The dreams seem so real and it is comforting to be able to ‘share’ those moments with someone loved, and lost. Wishing you many more warm, peaceful dreams of comfort.

  2. I dream every night. If I am stressed I start dreaming about tornadoes a lot. I dream about people I no longer communicate with when I spent the day missing them. I dream often about solutions to situations. If I have been searching for something I will find it in my dream and 8 times out of 10 that is where it really is. Most of the time though I dream of those I love getting hurt (kidnapped, ran over by a car, train, a slew of horses).

    I often say I live a million different lives inside my dreams.

  3. What a beautiful thing, and something I completely believe is a connection with loved ones looking in on us to make sure we’re ok. My father, who passed away almost 10 years ago, appears in dreams from time to time, usually when I’m struggling with something. My dreams are generally very elusive and rarely remembered. My dreams with him are always clear and comforting, and I usually awaken with a sense of direction. No doubt, your Mom was checking in on you to let you know she’s ok — and wants you to be, also 😉

    Parents, huh?

  4. yes

    My grandparents died in 2005 and 2006 and they speak to me from time to time through dreams and subconscious. My wife has taught me how to recognize this.

  5. I have very vivid dreams and occasionally have a conversation with my deceased father. I love those dreams! 😉

    PS I love that song by the Mama’s and the Papa’s as well 😀

  6. I’ve found my dreams to be misleading at times. I can’t recall ever receiving a profound message or anything like that.

    But I’m certainly glad to hear that you had this comforting dream!

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