Under his spell



What wouldn’t she have done for his love,

for the forbidden taste of his lips,

for the soft caress of his fingers tracing lightly upon her skin.

She savored the memory of his smile,

she recalled his sweetness as he spoke his words of love,

words that were meant to only fall on her ears.

But his carefree words deafened the ears of the spoiled.

Those words were never meant for her.

His life had been promised to another.

And now her soul was trapped,

forced into everlasting damnation,

compelled to bear witness to his life with another.

Their black magic hardened on her skin like a crust,

holding her face in sadness for eternity.

Her body now a statue,

held fast in its place,

her eyes meant to watch him,

reminded every day of what she cannot have.

Her consciousness banished

to a lifetime of anguish and melancholy.

In the darkness he would sneak out to visit her,

his touch was just as warm and his words of love, just as sweet.


Written for the Grammar Ghoul Challenge – combining the above painting, Saint Moritz, by Tamara de Lempicka with the word prompt:

Crust (noun):

A hardened layer, coating, or deposit on the surface of something soft


21 thoughts on “Under his spell

  1. What a wonderful take on the prompt. I loved the two lines –
    Their black magic hardened on her skin like a crust,
    holding her face in sadness for eternity.

  2. This is my favorite line, “Their black magic hardened on her skin like a crust,” My god, that was powerful. I don’t know if you meant it this way, but it seems like the protagonist was a painting and the artist poured all his heart and love and energy into it. Eventually, the painting is done and his love is removed begin on another work. At the end, it seems like the artist goes back to pour his eyes onto the first painting, just once in a while. However you meant it, this is a beautifully written tale of love and loss.

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