The needs of the one


It was the eve of 2019. A creature of habit, I sat in my living room with my Christmas tree lights still on, my dog occupying the space on the other end of my couch and my gourmet dinner for one in the process of cooking.

With the new year only hours away, I spent my new years eve at home, ruminating about the year that has just passed and the one that was inching closer to being a reality. As with every calendar year in the past forty-nine of my life, last year had its wonderful moments and its challenges. Each one of those memories made me realize I am not completely the person I want to be.

I don’t make resolutions but I do take moments to recognize my strengths and my weaknesses and make a promise to myself to focus on the things I need to work on, to nurture myself as much as I do others and to be selfish sometimes and put myself first.

With my fiftieth birthday approaching, it’s time to make this my best year yet. It’s time to cut out the things that aren’t working and it’s time to fiercely embrace the things that truly make me happy.

Wishing you all a wonderful 2019.

8 thoughts on “The needs of the one

  1. Your 50th is still many days away……..maybe the snow will be melted by the 28th of March ??
    Here’s to a healthy, happy 2019 for you and your loved ones.
    Hugs, B XO

  2. And maybe indeed be your best year yet! 50 is a momentous birthday, that mid-point when we tend to look back and mull what is the best way forward. All my best wishes!

  3. This is a great reminder my friend. We are eternally growing, changing and evolving into our perfect self. The wonderful tools, sharing and connection we can obtain through the internet these days is truly amazing. It allows us to continue this process with others, not alone. I am proud and very fortunate to call you my friend and I trust that you value yourself as much as so many of us do you!

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