The road less traveled


There are two certainties in my life. One – I love driving. And two – I love road trips. Yesterday, one led to another and the afternoon was one of the most enjoyable I have had in a while.

I arrived at a friend’s house and we decided to survey the rising water from the epic floods of 2019. After we passed the gushing falls close to where he lives, we continued our journey down some unknown back roads and absorbed the beauty of the un-mapped communities that are so close to the new town he now calls home. I can say un-mapped because, as we were driving, the GPS froze as we continued along the back roads and we could only navigate by roads that did not have a “dead-end” sign as a means of direction.

The sun was shining, the countryside was stunning and the company was perfect. Thankfully, we both enjoy getting “lost” on country drives and seeing what is within a stone’s throw of what everyone refers to as civilization. Rows of wind-break trees were seen lined between farms and random goats and their kids enjoyed an afternoon snack by the side of the road. It was beautiful.

There is so much to be seen beyond the boundaries of our town limits. A life line beats outside of our main streets. The road less traveled is arguably one that is filled with interesting stories and views that cannot compare to anything else you will see.

After discussing our shared interest, our journey today solidified the desire to drive Route 66. It has been on my bucket list since 1999 and almost died with the passing of my dear friend who inspired the idea. But the dream is alive and well and taking on a new life. It is certainly not the road less traveled, but it will be the road I will eventually travel. The highlight for me will be Arizona. I have not smelled that air, nor have I seen those red rocks, but those things haunt my dreams and they are something I am destined to experience.

The planning begins, and I am excited to plot the course from the here and now to the historic journey across America. And, although several points of Route 66 really are less traveled, I am already starting the journey in my head and my heart. It may take a couple of years to see this thing through, but I am all in.  I am so ready to motor West.



7 thoughts on “The road less traveled

  1. However long it takes you to get ready for the trip, you will never be ready for the beauty that is the American West on Route 66.
    I’m so glad you want to make the trip!
    I hope the American president has not made it impossible to travel before he leaves office.

  2. Are you starting in Chicago? On your way south through IL, take note of the Litchfield drive-in – the last working drive-in on Rt. 66. They show recent double features for $2 a person and it’s awesome. Also, when you drive through St. Louis, stop at Ted Drewes. You won’t regret it.

  3. When I lived in Needles, Calif., I was living in a town that is right on Route 66. If you can, be sure to stop and see the El Garces Harvey House – a historic building that was once a hotel that housed railroaders and had a restaurant, etc. Fabulous building! Sadly, much of the more historic elements in Needles have been destroyed by fire but it’s a small town that’s inching it’s way back to relevance. If you need a meal, The Wagon Wheel, a large yellow building, is always a great place to eat. It’s also right on the Colorado River and people love to stop and at least dip their feet in…probably because during the summer it’s anywhere from 115 to 120 degrees fahrenheit lol. Route 66 is such a cool story and it always amazes me how many people love to travel that road for that purpose and how many of those people happen to be European! Whenever you get to go, I’m sure it’ll be fabulous! I can hardly wait to hear your stories from your trip.

    On another note…I, too, love driving and road tripping! There is so much to see that can’t be seen by plane. I like air travel too, but so much is missed that way. Air travel is for when you don’t have time to spend but driving is part of the experience and stopping to see even some stupid ridiculous things is a great way to go if you ask me. 🙂

    • It’s going to take some planning, but we are excited to plan a route that is far beyond the popular destinations and really experience the trip. Thanks so much for your input. I will add that to my notes. This is going to be a great trip.

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