Laughter is the best medicine


This post is going to be a little off my normal course of writing, but I needed a laugh today.  This is day four of no running water since my pipes froze on Tuesday night when the temperature plummeted to a nasty -36C (that’s -32F for all of my US friends).   I maintain my usual positive attitude although it was tested last night when I lost power for four hours.  Most of the heat we had been blasting into my basement to thaw the pipes had been beaten into submission by the continual sub-zero temperatures.

While I do love my little house and the expansive property that surrounds it, I would not be devastated to come home from work and find that the large tree that currently towers over my little house had fallen and split my tiny abode in half.  I’m certain my insurance company would not want to travel the distance to make sure the tree showed no signs of foul play.  In the event such a “catastrophe” occurred, I have already designed a replacement house.  You can never be too prepared for disaster!

If you have not seen the classic runway model wipe-out in the video below, I urge you to spend the two minutes and have a good laugh.  It gets me every time ~ I cannot decide which is funnier, the awkward wipe out itself or the reaction of the news anchors.  Happy Saturday everyone!


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