Hidden in the Woods – Trifecta Challenge


Here is my take on this Trifecta Challenge.

The clanking sailboat masts shouted with panic.  He wouldn’t look for long.   He could not abide the thought of any child discovering what he had discovered.  The woods were  now around the remnants.


This weekend we are playing another type of word game with you.  Below are photos from the 33rd page of one of our very favorite books, Elizabeth Strout’s Olive Kitteridge.  What we want you to do is to scour the page (click to enlarge), choose 33 words, and reshape those words into a piece of your own.  Your piece does not have to tell an entire story.  We just want to see what you can do with this particular word bank.  Punctuation is up to you.  Use whatever you need, whether or not it appears in the photos.

23 thoughts on “Hidden in the Woods – Trifecta Challenge

  1. The porch had a comforting breeze. Life in the old house made him change. He collected leaves, thought of his mother and quietly returned to a gentle man. Relief, it’s all he wanted.

  2. Nothing like a mystery in the woods! You did a good job extracting a new story from the old story we were presented with. Well done!

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