The blessing of blogging


I had a voice message yesterday on my phone that was overwhelmingly special.  A dear friend who has been struggling with some health issues left a message for me that brought tears to my eyes and I listened to it a few times because it was so sweet.  She had been having a bad day and, without getting into detail, she was directed to my blog and phoned to tell me how much she loves what I write.  She has been a follower for a while, but for some reason she was drawn to it yesterday and called to tell me how much it means to her to read what I have written and how my words seem to mirror her own.

During those times that I am consumed with words, when I am overcome with the desire to write, I never really take the time to consider how my writing can affect other people.  I’ve always written to free the ideas but never thought about how those ideas are absorbed on the other side of this blogosphere.  It was really heart-warming to get that message and realize that words convey many messages to many people.

sky 004

Linda, thank you for your message.  I hope God hears all of your words, and the ones I added in, and I hope the sun shines on your beautiful face for a very long time.  xo

11 thoughts on “The blessing of blogging

  1. Words, both spoken and written have tremendous power. You wrote the words that touched your friend’s heart and she spoke them to you…that’s awesome! Wishing your friend better days ahead.

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