5/26/2003 – Things left unsaid


“Leave your message after the beep.”


“We never get to say goodbye.  You still come to see me every now and then.  It warms my heart that our friendship will never end.”


Written for the Trifextra Weekend Challenge.  My friend passed away suddenly, but I know she is still with me.

This weekend’s Trifextra comes to us courtesy of MOV, who often emails us with suggestions for site improvement or potential prompts.  Most recently, she told us about Travel and Leisure magazine’s “Super Short Travel Stories” competition, thinking that we could recreate the same challenge on our site.  We love the idea, but borrowing it outright feels a bit shady, so we’re going to add our own twist to it.  This weekend, we want you to give us a 33-word time travel story.  We don’t usually tell you what to title your piece, but we’d love it if you could title it with the year/date that you choose.

12 thoughts on “5/26/2003 – Things left unsaid

  1. Saying goodbye ain’t all it’s cracked up to be, though, either.
    And those who are in that place in your heart never leave, anyway.
    (Sorry for your loss.)

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