Old habits die hard….or get hit by lightning


Last night we had a pretty epic lightning storm.  It didn’t hit as close to home as the bolt that struck a tree at the resort in late June but the pyrotechnic show was phenomenal.

As kids during any great thunderstorm, my brother and I would turn our couch to face out the picture window to watch the display in the sky.  While I could count the high number of my friends who I knew were shuddering under their beds, my brother and I were face to face with the awesome display of nature and the power of a storm.


(image credit: National Geographic)

Last night I felt just like that kid again.  I propped myself up on my couch, faced out the window with a glass of wine in my hand and watched in awe as arcs of light graced the sky.  And although my brother wasn’t on the same couch, he was watching the storm through a different window.  Some things will never change.


16 thoughts on “Old habits die hard….or get hit by lightning

  1. I remember watching storms from the big bed with both my children tucked in with me when their dad was away. Our bedroom had windows on two sides. Spectacular! And last week, hubby and I put chairs out on our bedroom balcony to watch a storm roll over the mountains. It was a glorious lightning show with very little rain for us. Nice post!

  2. Thunderstorms are awesome! I was reading in the newspaper yesterday that there is a place in South America (Catatumbo) that has an ‘everlasting lightning storm’. I want to visit! 😀

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