I’m loading the arsenal and preparing for Defcon Two


It seems I may have taken the fortitude of the Red Squirrel completely for granted when waging my war on the furry little bastards.

I entered the battle with the most humane of intentions.  I brought home a live-trap so I could capture and relocate the hairy little mercenaries that have been seeking asylum in the walls and ceilings of my home.  With my dog and I at sentinel posts, we have been rendered helpless and can only try to figure out how the bristly little vermin have been able to extricate themselves from their metal incarceration -twice! – and re-enter the sanctity of our home.


I have not yet reached the moment when I clench my fists, indignantly throw my hands into the air and scream, “This means war!”.   I am certainly bordering on enough sleep loss and misguided rage to window shop in the hunting section of the local Home Hardware.

I have warned my co-workers – if I come in to work on Monday with traces of black dye under my eyes and remnants of any camouflage, things did not go well on the weekend.  I can only hope if I reach Defcon One that I am a little more adept in the woods than Elmer Fudd!

“Shhh. Be vewy, vewy quiet.”


5 thoughts on “I’m loading the arsenal and preparing for Defcon Two

  1. Oh gosh, I have a feeling I’m going to feel your pain very soon. After months of telling my husband that I swore I heard something in the walls/attic, he finally went up and looked tonight and found evidence that it wasn’t in my head. (I knew I wasn’t imagining it because the cats were going berserk and pouncing at that walls… while entertaining, I knew this wasn’t good.) I ordered a live trap, so my fun begins this week 😦

    • I found a few holes in the foundation where they were coming in and sealed those with foam spray. I made sure I did it in the morning when they were out and about so I didn’t trap any inside. It was certainly quieter last night!! Good luck with your pests. Make sure you take them quite a distance from your home after you’ve trapped them….they have a way of coming back to the same spot!

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