My “get-up-and-go” got up and went


The subject line of this post was always one of my favorites of my mom’s strange sayings.  Whenever she was feeling under the weather or she was just exhausted she would pull out this beauty so we knew her true state of mind.

Yesterday and today I really empathized with this statement and its underlying feeling.  I feel like I have lost my mojo.  I’m sure it is nothing more than a case of the November blahs but getting out of bed the last two mornings has been a struggle.  The bleak grey landscape and bare branches hold no promise of those sunny, warm days that are a thing of the past.  I may regret typing this next string of words but I really can’t wait for the ground to be blanketed with snow.  That is a bold statement taunting the God of weather since this was the view from my living room last winter!


At least that fresh fallen snow is beautiful to look at and, if nothing else, it makes my dog extremely happy which, in turn, makes me happy.

In the interim, if anyone has seen my “get-up-and-go” could you please send it home to me?  It’s time to kick November’s arse and I could use the back-up!

7 thoughts on “My “get-up-and-go” got up and went

  1. I heard that saying as I was growing up, too! I hope you get your wish, and according to the weather forecasts, I think you will. Maybe curling up with a new book will spark some of that “get up and go” . . . but if it doesn’t, at least you’ll have managed some good “me” time!

  2. My grandmother used to say that too, Susan. I agree, I’ll take freshly fallen snow over bare trees and brown grass…as long as I don’t have to drive in it. 🙂 I remember all of the snow you got last year, that was crazy! Feel better!

  3. That snow looks lovely, but i don’t want you to get completely covered in it, Susan 😉 I’ve heard the saying before and I think my mojo is probably on holidays with yours. If I find them I’ll get yours back to you asap 😀

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