When our hearts finally meet


I can spend hours gazing into your eyes,

even though you may not even exist.

I can feel the lingering trail of your fingers,

slowly caressing my cheeks,

but your hands are invisible.

 Your words fall on my ears,

like a soft, warm rain in July,

and yet they are only the whispers of the wind.

 These things are promises of you,

ethereal harbingers of a time that may come.

I can’t get the thought of you out of my head,

 perhaps because you are supposed to be there.

You are the dream I keep dreaming,

the ghost that haunts my subconscious.

When we are brought together,

whether in this lifetime or another,

two souls will appreciate their journey,

because no distance can keep us apart.

two hearts2

When our hearts finally meet,

they will speak a language,

that they are only meant to speak to each other.


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8 thoughts on “When our hearts finally meet

  1. I love the word “harbingers” and all your word choices fit together so seamlessly and beautifully…they perfectly create something so entirely ethereal 🙂

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