Hey Pharrell, clap along….I found mine


We all strive to be happy – in our homes, in our jobs and in our lives.  We yearn for success and money, but how many people take the time to consider what truly makes them happy?

Finding true happiness may not be as difficult as you think – you just have to be realistic about what makes you authentically happy, down to the core of your being.  Happiness is not a tangible “thing”, it is a feeling that comes from deep within.  You can be content with your job, and content with your surroundings, but until you delve into yourself and discover what makes you truly happy, you will never have that genuinely satiated feeling.

The definition of happiness is different for everyone.  The things that make me truly happy – a fine red wine, a perfectly cooked steak, the drippings from a roasted chicken, a good book, closing out the world and just writing – would make others shake their head in disbelief.  But that is my happiness.  And those things that make me sincerely content won’t break the bank (except the wine, sometimes) and are easy to achieve.

I am a simple person when it comes to happiness, but it has taken me many years to realize what the word happiness really means to me.  It does not come in monetary form, nor does it lie within anyone else.  My happiness lies within me and does not rely on outer influences to achieve that state of euphoria.

We each need to step back and really examine what is our true bliss.  Perhaps we have been looking in all the wrong places and the jubilation we strive for is at arms reach.  We owe it to ourselves to seek our true happiness and let other’s judgements be cast aside.  No one person, besides yourself, can define your happiness.  They may be able to contribute to the feeling but your paradise is yours to create.

Find your joy and breathe it in at every chance.  You will be happy you did!

8 thoughts on “Hey Pharrell, clap along….I found mine

  1. Keeping your happiness simple is definitely the key to getting more of it 🙂 Pausing to pay more attention to our surroundings and what we are doing is a good starting point. I’m currently enjoying having the window open on an unexpected sunshiney day full of Spring warmth. Also looking forward to lunch which will include my new favourite healthy juice and yoghurt. This evening I hope to get some endorphins when I do another of those runny walky things as part of my mission to do a 5k 🙂

  2. Red wine and steak! Yep, that does it for me, too.

    I’ve also become much happier now that I’ve simplified my life and can focus more on my family. I’ve never been happier, really (even with all the injuries).

  3. What does it say about me that the two non-Pharrel songs that come to mind when I read this are “If It Makes You Happy” by Sheryl Crow and “I Hope You’re Happy Now” by Elvis Costello? Both are songs about misery.
    That said, sliding on a patch of ice makes me happy.

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