Cooking for one doesn’t have to mean Kraft Dinner


I am the only living creature in my home who consumes “people food”.  Callaway likes to protest as often as possible which results in some fibrous vegetables going into her mouth and subsequently my ruing that decision once the foul odor of processed cucumber and lettuce assaults my senses.

Living alone has its challenges but cooking for one is not even on the list.  I love to, not just cook but, create in the kitchen.  Just because I am only cooking for myself does not mean I take the easy route and buy horribly processed pre-packaged easy to serve meals.  I opt for the more labor intensive, home-cooked, real food.


This meal took 30 minutes to prepare and was delicious.  Fresh beef, a portion of a bag of small potatoes and an onion created this tasty home-cooked meal fit for one.  It took one pan and two small pots, one for mashed potatoes one for fried, dusted onions.  The preparation was easy, the cooking process was simple and the taste was phenomenal.  The result was so much better than a store-bought meal.

Cooking for one doesn’t have to be intimidating but it does take some practice.   There are a plethora of options that are easy to prepare, that are healthy and that make great leftovers for lunch.  You can even make a full recipe and freeze it for future meals but I spoil myself most of the time and buy fresh ingredients each day.  I find I spend less money doing that than I do buying in bulk and freezing food that I may forget about and never eat.  And fresh is always the best.

What is your favorite meal when you are cooking for one?



12 thoughts on “Cooking for one doesn’t have to mean Kraft Dinner

  1. I’m surprised that buying just that day’s ingredients is cheaper than buying a larger package.
    We do good shopping once a week. An onion or mushrooms will last us a week, sometimes two, while baby carrots week last a month.
    And be perfect for snacking on.

  2. I sent a picture to my friend the other day and captioned it “This is my new life”… I had a bowl of lo mein, and three tupperware containers full! A few days later I made twice baked potatoes with brocolli cheese… and I had half of one on a plate and a huge salad and then three more halves packaged up! Now that my son is so busy and working several nights a week (and he gets to eat for free at work), I’ve had to adjust my cooking… but I’ve discovered it is awesome to cook once and have multiple easy to grab meals in the fridge!!

  3. Wow, that looks delicious! Impressive! I hate to cook. I cook for three and we still get stuck eating Kraft Dinner more often than I care to admit 😛

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