Turns out I’m not the biggest loser


For the past month I have been diligently somewhat enthusiastically following a strict regimen of caloric intake to participate in a weight loss challenge (#wlc) with my best friend and her husband.  I have made many sacrifices and changed my shopping lists multiple times to adhere to the necessary guidelines of not eating food I should not be eating.  After thirty days, we have all weighed in and, although I am proud of my accomplishment, Daniel won the battle.

The deal going in was that the “losers” had to eat what the victor had been using as nourishment during the challenge.  Daniel decided to change the rules and we had to succumb, I’ll admit enthusiastically, to a double cheeseburger today.  Once the arbitrary new guideline had been established, I hungrily began making my shopping list for dinner.  I already had frozen burger patties in my freezer but the necessary garnishes were required to complete my meal.

I felt like a thief, looking over my shoulder across the parking lot, as I smuggled my contraband ingredients to my car.  The jar of pickles, processed cheese slices and bun lay hidden in my grocery store bag as I tried to conceal my guilt on the way to my car.  I have been known to cook several very upscale meals but, when it comes to my burger, my cheese of choice is synthetic Kraft Singles and nothing else will do!


The burgers were cooked perfectly.  The pickles were just as salty as I remembered and the almost-real cheese dripped from the burger patties just as it should have.  My dinner was delicious and the anticipated two extra pounds were worth it.

As I say my “White Rabbit” three times tonight at the stroke of midnight, I can only hope luck will find me once again this month and continue the trend of shedding pounds.  I may not be the biggest loser but I’m still a loser, and I’m okay with that.

9 thoughts on “Turns out I’m not the biggest loser

  1. One of the only enjoyable things about dieting is treating yourself from time to time. Enjoy. (Fwiw, if I were ever in a position to have to choose a last meal, it would be a bacon cheeseburger and all the trimmings).

  2. Good for you-in losing weight and treating yourself. Carbs are my downfall but I’ve found limiting carbs and sugars helped me lose weight and feel better. Keep up the effort – this time of year is difficult because there seems to be extra “bad” but tasty stuff everywhere.

  3. Keep up the great work! I’ve just discovered a gluten free bread that’s great (no wheat – I’m intolerant). I love Kraft singles and call them ‘plastic cheese’ lol.

    It’s hard to keep to a regime with Christmas just around the corner 😉

  4. Great job! Good for you. I’m actually thinking of doing burgers for dinner tonight. Our burgers are as healthy as we can make them, but there is only so much you can do without removing the bun 🙂

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