It was too late to even ask


He asked for my forgiveness

and in my continuing silence

I found an abundance of long-buried strength.


Daunted by the conviction of my strength,

and with no more interest in asking for my forgiveness,

he returned my stare with his silence.


 There was nothing golden about our silence.

But in that quiet, there was no weakness in my strength.

And because of that, never will he receive my forgiveness.


 Forgiveness should never be assumed.  His feeble request was met by deserved silence and fueled by my inner strength.



My first ever attempt at a Tritina for YeahWrite.Me

18 thoughts on “It was too late to even ask

  1. I find Tritina a tricky one. It’s interesting to see different approaches. The second stanza is my favorite. I could see the emotional walls. If you don’t mind my saying, the word inane somehow threw things off in my inner ear. I don’t have a technical term for you! It was like a record scratch when I got to it. Just my feelings on it 😃. Everyone reads a poem so differently. I thought my ghastly was creepy, someone else thought it beautiful. Lol

  2. You captured the Last Straw moment of a relationship well. I like how the narrator held onto her convictions. I would have liked to see more of this scene. Like where were they? what sparked this showdown? What were they wearing? Not all of that, but something to help me see them.

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