Perched precariously on the fence


This is a lofty spot,

this place where I find myself.

I am currently balanced for fear of falling,

but this is a spot I find hauntingly familiar.

There is no right or wrong,

only what is best for me.

And whatever side I choose,

wherever I decide to plant my feet,

that is the direction I was meant to follow.

I can only believe in my truth,

that I cannot make any progress in my life

without making the decision to pick a side.

And once that decision is made,

that fence will no longer seem like an obstacle,

but merely an arrow.

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7 thoughts on “Perched precariously on the fence

  1. “Being on the fence” is often mocked by impulsive folks who see the world in black and white. But I have always seen it as a place to be thoughtful, for big decisions require time and consideration.

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