The things we were meant to find beautiful


They grab my attention

and hold me in their embrace.

Chasing them to catch just the right shot

is like chasing the illusion of perfection.

Their shapes, like our lives, can change in an instant

also changing our perspective.


Once you adjust your position

the view is never the same.

The closer you get to something,

the more beautiful it becomes.


Sometimes, if you are lucky,

the view is so much better than you anticipated

and those moments should be savored,

breathed in like a fine wine.

 Our destiny is written in the sky,

our hope, painted on the largest canvas possible

but our dreams can change in a whisper.

Although the wind may alter the portrait,

perhaps it was meant to change.

Just maybe, life is as big as the sky

and those clouds should be the cherished blessings

of the things we were meant to find beautiful.

Where I find myself


My head is here,


lost in what looks like a painting.

Texture emulates emotion, freedom.

The horizon represents reality,

meeting effortlessly with creative indulgence.

There are no rules in the clouds.

My heart is here,


 swelling with emotion,

nurtured by nature and blessed by light,

comforted by the embrace of the essence of life.

free to move in a path that is meant only for me.

Images in Clouds


A Word in Your Ear has a weekly photo challenge which I just learned about – this week’s word was cloud.  I love photographing clouds and thought I would participate.

These are a few of my favorites.





 The last one I love because it looks like I live in the mountains – far from it, but at least I can pretend every now and then.