Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel right


The hardest part of playing the role of both child and advocate is making the decisions that you know are the right thing to do, but they are the most difficult decisions to follow through.

I have written recently about my mom’s health issues and having to move her out of her home into a Retirement / Assisted Living Facility and clean the house of her belongings.  She seems to be content where she is, but she misses her pets immensely.  The decision to surrender her cats had to be done, but not without some hardship and second guessing along the way.   The place my mom is living now does allow pets, but we are not sure if this is going to be the place my mom is able to stay.

Trying to explain to my mother why she cannot get another cat at the moment is heart-breaking.  She would love to have a companion, but I would hate to see her go through the process of having to give up another pet if she has to move.  Sure, we are absolutely doing the right thing but it feels awful.


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I don’t have children of my own so I can only imagine the struggles parents go through having to do what’s best for their children and only hoping that someday those children will understand.  I’m not sure if my mom will ever agree with some of the decisions we have recently made on her behalf.  I can only hope she remains as happy as she can and some day, years from now, when she joins my father in Heaven she will look back on her life and know we are only doing what’s right for her.  I just wish it felt better doing it.

24 thoughts on “Doing the right thing doesn’t always feel right

  1. (((hugs)))
    I do not envy having to make the decision to move Mom. I know the time will come, though. 😦
    I’m sure it is very hard to see your Mom “need” something, and you’re unable to provide it to her. It must be as heartbreaking as it would be for me, the same instance with my child.

  2. I think the fact that you are so conscious of how your mom feels and about even making a decision that is hard, shows your compassion and understanding. Too many people would just get rid of cats and not give it another thought. Trusting in your own ‘gut’ is an amazing skill that so many people struggle with – you are fortunate to be starting from that place of trust.

  3. I’d expect that the difficulty of making those decisions leads you to be even more careful making them.
    Your mother is lucky to have you looking out for her.

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