Don’t be an echo


Entering into the blogging community, I knew there would be a myriad of voices – voices that expounded opinions from many points of the spectrum of language, voices that wanted to speak and voices that yearned to be heard.

Each post that is put into the blogosphere has the ability to change the conversation and each writer’s voice is unique.  The joy of reading these blogs is that it opens the mind to different possibilities.  No one voice is the same, yet every string of words that is written has the ability to deeply influence its reader and affect their perception of those words.

Conformity in the writing world is blasphemy – challenging the parameters is a requirement.  If your writing sets you apart from others, whether it be your content or your writing style, your words are exclusive.  Many writers may tackle the same subject but each mind gives an unparalleled view and invites the reader into their perception of reality.

The writing Gods, or demons (depending on the hour of day that you are incessantly tapping at your keyboard), are relentless.  They wake you from unadulterated slumber, they seep into your dreams and they shadow you during your waking hours.  They infiltrate your thoughts and transport you into a world of possibility.  No two writers will ever have the same journey.

Telling a writer to change their style of writing is like telling a leopard to change its spots.  Those spots define that creature and the words on the page mark the individuality of the writer.  Speak up, writers.  Speak up and let your voice be heard.  Be your own voice and not an echo.   An echo is only an imitation and if you have things to say, say it your way.

(The Echo Amphitheatre in New Mexico- photo credit ~

12 thoughts on “Don’t be an echo

  1. Truer words were never written and I might add, this is also true about artists in general! As the Bard once said: To thine own self be true…I think it’s wonderful to read others, use prompts (and see what others have done with the same prompt!) and generally see what goes on around me…but I am I and no one will ever see what I have seen, even if they were in the same place. Thanks for sharing this. Georgia.

  2. This is so true! I recently participated in a challenge to omit unnecessary words. I took an old post and cut it down to half the original amount. What I found is, while less wordy it also ended up being less me. I lost my voice.

  3. This is a great reminder. I know the thought that maybe I should try to write like someone else (usually someone who is popular and/or successful) occurs to me periodically. But then I remember that the goal is to not write like someone else or to be popular… It is to express myself. Thanks for the encouragement!

  4. “Many writers may tackle the same subject but each mind gives an unparalleled view and invites the reader into their perception of reality.” This is so true, Susan. I would say that’s the reason I’m so hooked on reading blog posts…my e-mail account is jammed daily!

  5. And yet, while it’s interesting to read different thoughts on the same topic, I find I skip reading challenges like “daily prompt” an awful lot, mostly because the questions aren’t interesting to me…

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