Me, myself and I


“If you’re lonely when you’re alone, you’re in bad company.”
Jean-Paul Sartre


It is a terrible thing to have to admit I still have the winter blahs in April.  The ground is still laden with mud-speckled snow, the mercury is still dipping below zero at night and, although the sun is trying to warm the earth, winter still has its death grip on spring.

Perhaps the overwhelming winter weather and extended season has been the cause for my hermit-like habits over the last five months.  Or perhaps with each calendar year that passes I am less excited about dressing in less than comfortable clothing and venturing out to brave the elements.  Regardless of the reason, the majority of my evenings are spent at home enjoying my own company.  Callaway is always there with me, but her conversation skills are still somewhat lacking.


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I am a big fan of spending time at home.  I have no trouble passing the endless hours of those cold winter nights because I am comfortable enough in my own skin to enjoy the time alone.  My neighbors are close enough if I ever need help, but at enough of a distance that my sanctuary can still remain tranquil and remote.

In the summer, when the resort is in full swing and there are over 100 people on the property at any given time, it is comforting to know that I will find that same solace within my four walls or ensconced in my gazebo when I go home.  The many leaves that grow create a canopy of shelter so I feel even more hidden than before.  It is true bliss.

Spending that time alone helps me refuel and prepare for the barrage of stimulation I encounter when I leave the sanctity of my shelter.  Sometimes solitude, for me, can be the best companion.

How do you feel about spending time alone?




27 thoughts on “Me, myself and I

  1. While I do love spending time with my hubby, it always nice to have some alone time! He works later than I, so I always have those couple of hours between work and when he gets home. I hope spring comes soon to you!

  2. Like you, I love my time alone, Susan. Perhaps that’s why I never had children…that sounds kind of selfish I guess. My time alone makes me a better person when I am with others. For me, that time is a necessity. Of course, my alone time normally involves a book or my own characters, so I’m not really alone.

  3. Love the quote but because I’m in a house with all women and I’m involved with my wife and kids all the time, sometimes I want a little alone time. I’m very dark and tortured and jerkish sometimes and I like dealing with that by myself.

  4. I’ve never minded spending time alone. As a child I was perfectly content to sit in my room and use my toys and books to create worlds around me. As a young man, while I did branch out into the world, I was still content to spend hours on end lost in my music, honing my dj’ing skills, and now, as an adult (I think), while I love my family and enjoy every second I spend with them, I still love when I get to steal a few minutes to myself to read, write, watch soccer, day dream, …

  5. Time alone is necessary and healthy. Time alone should be spent without devices and distraction. It recharges and revitalizes.
    Everyone should give themselves the gift of solitude.

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