The monsters in the closet of my mind




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There have been many writers before me who have been driven by the same demon.  I love words.  I love using them like paint and creating a wall of graffiti that truly represents me.  I love to dip my fingers in those words and rub them on the wall with the freedom of a child learning how to paint.

Writing this blog has been such a wonderful experience for me.  I can write each day about whatever my brain sees fit to write about that day.  But the more time I spend with my blog, the less time I spend trying to struggle through that painful illness of writing my book.

Maybe this blog is teaching me something.  Perhaps knowing I can devote time each day to my blog means that I am capable of changing that focus and spending the time trying to bring the characters of my novel to the finish line of their bizarre journey.

I get you, George.  Time to face that Demon head-on!!

12 thoughts on “The monsters in the closet of my mind

  1. There’s only one way to finish a book…that’s to take the time to write it! The blog I’m sure is good for “practice” and I certainly hope that doesn’t mean you’ll forget about it, but if the book is the ultimate goal, then yes…shifting priorities can be a good thing. 🙂

  2. I hear you. I’ve talked about writing a book for the last 20 years. I finally finished it (or at least a good, solid first draft). It’s in the hands of some kind, gentle, honest readers. And you know what? That was the easy part ;-). That said…..what pushed me over the finish line was doing the NaNoMoWri challenge in November. For some reason it was incredibly important to me to finish that stupid, meaningless challenge (50K words in a month). But I did it. My ass hurt from sitting for long periods of the day. My fingers hurt. My brain hurt. But I did it. It may not work for you, but the idea is giving yourself the time and space to WRITE THE BOOK. You can’t do it and keep up with the blog. I tried. The instant gratification you get form the blog is too powerful. I had to put it on hold. But not forever. Good luck. I know you can do it!

  3. Well, from my perspective, I just finished my second novel…a little over four hundred pages. What I’m feeling at precisely this moment I can only compare to post-partum depression, although thankfully, I’ve only known that second-hand.
    I feel adrift, and slightly physically ill…and I still have to edit and present, although the current version is on my site.
    I went to my reader, because several writers, like yourself help inspire or provoke some feeling of life after…words, I guess.
    I read this, and it struck such a vital chord within myself that I wanted to thank you for posting it.
    …and THAT is why I keep coming back to the blog…I struggled for nine years on the first novel of ~ 268 pages, and finished this one in about two years.
    This blog is for me, like a writers’ colony via internet. Because otherwise I stay in a vacuum.
    I would like to reblog this if it’s OK.
    And TANKS again.
    Chazz Vincent

    • Wow….thank you for sharing such an honest message. I think there is a part of me that is afraid to finish the book because it would become more real afterwards. It’s so easy to say I’m writing a book, it’s the follow up afterwards the is the daunting part. I would be happy to have you reblog, thank YOU.

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