I chose, but then I chose to choose again



Life is about making choices.  Every day we are presented with numerous situations in which we have to decide the outcome of the situation by using our instincts to make those choices.

I am certain I have made many choices that, given the chance to go back and do again, I would change at the drop of a hat.  But making those choices has made me who I am today, warts and all.   I learned a great deal about life and especially about myself by choosing the way I did.  And I learned even more about me by giving myself permission to make the choice to choose again.

I chose to get married.  It was a bad choice for me, given the circumstances, but it was a choice I needed to make to learn a very valuable lesson.  After that lesson had a chance to penetrate my brain, I made the choice to not be married anymore.  Some frowned on my choice without having understood how much that life was not meant for me.  It was a road I needed to venture down, but it was also the path that showed me who I could be if I chose to finally put myself first.  That was probably one of the first choices I ever made with only me in mind.  I didn’t gauge how many others would be affected by my choice.  I just chose to make myself happy without putting anyone else’s needs ahead of my own.

Just because you’ve chosen, doesn’t mean you can’t choose again.  While your first choice may have seemed to be the one that was best for you, perhaps making the choice to choose again will be the choice that will make you the happiest.  Life is not predictable and giving yourself permission to choose what is best for you should always be your first choice.



18 thoughts on “I chose, but then I chose to choose again

  1. When I worked as a magazine editor at The Lawrenceville School, I started a magazine department called “Take This Job and Love It”. It featured alumni who began their post-college lives trodding down a traditional career path only to discover that they took a wrong turn. I loved interviewing former lawyers and hedge fund managers who had epiphanies and decided to open a deli, or buy a bowling alley, or perform voiceover work, or make cheese. They were the happiest people I have ever interviewed.

    There aren’t just second acts in life. There are as many acts as you need.

  2. I love your personal acceptance of responsibility. It seems to me that few step up and do that in our world today. There seem to be so many “victims” blaming others for the choices that they themselves have made. Brava!

  3. The difficult thing can be putting yourself first, particularly if one learnt that survival meant doing the opposite. It can be done, but breaking such developed habits requires plenty of hard but worthwhile work. Great message, MM🍀

  4. You were right – this post does kind of speak to my situation. (I read this in email when you first posted it, but for some reason, comments never take from the phone app and my computer access is limited.) The hardest part about re-choosing is when the choices affect so much more than just me. Some days, the pressure/guilt is just paralyzing. Other days, I can somewhat function 🙂

  5. Insightful! Certainly, we may make mistakes by our choices, but to stop and turn, then travel the other path, takes tremendous courage and perseverance. Kudos. God bless. 🙂

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