Cat pee and a reason for change


Yesterday my aunt, my brother and I spent many hours cleaning out my mom’s house.  She is still currently in hospital awaiting the news of where we will be able to find her new forever home. On Friday, the remaining three cats (from the beginning number of six cats) were taken out of the house and surrendered to the OSPCA for adoption.  As much as my mom loved those cats and her two dogs, we had to make the decision to do the fairest thing for them and allow them a chance at a life with a new family.  My brother is still currently fostering the two dogs.


During the clean out, I realized why I will never again have a cat.  Cats have three basics tasks – eat, sleep and evacuate their bowels and urinary tracts.  With six different litter boxes in the house, I’m still perplexed as to how a cat can fail to execute the one task a cat is meant to master.  Without getting into horrific details, there are pieces of furniture that were removed from my mom’s house that were more saturated with cat urine than a lifetime of litter boxes will ever be.

It was a cathartic experience throwing things out that my mom had been stock-piling for the apocalypse.  I wasn’t sure how I would feel getting rid of some of my mom’s belongings, but the overwhelming smell of cat made the job much easier, and much quicker, than anticipated.

We still have one more floor to tackle, but the truly important stuff from that house is comfortably tucked into her hospital bed awaiting our visit this afternoon and a chance to breathe some fresh air during a trip to a potential retirement home.  The rest of the novelties are just things.  Sure, there are items with great sentimental value that will find a place in my home or my brother’s home, but the rest of those possessions are replaceable.  My mom is not.

My muscles will be put to the test again today as we endeavor to clean up the second floor and get the house ready for more people to create memories in that house that will be as happy as the ones we have.  I can only pray they don’t have a cat!

15 thoughts on “Cat pee and a reason for change

  1. Cat pee is the bain of my existence or bane (not sure–so wish we had spellcheck in the comments) — my family loves our cat; I put up with him for them; though at times he can be lovable–he is lucky he is cute.
    Good luck with your task–hope your mom gets well soon………..

  2. You have a formidable task with or without cat pee. I’ve thrown away a lot of “stuff” belonging to my parents and grandparents through the years as I’ve cleaned out houses they could no longer return to for various reasons. I made some mistakes when I was younger and in a hurry (even without the cat pee) and wish now I’d saved a few more things from my history. If there’s an item you have doubts about, take it out into the fresh air and give it a second look? Good luck with this difficult project. I, too, hope your mother will recover.

    • Thank you Sheila. I am putting aside quite a few things to keep for that very reason. It’s a daunting task, but I’m sure I will feel much better when it is all over and we can focus all of our time on my mom and not just some of it.

  3. You left out their most important task – pissing me off, which they almost all seem to excel at.

    Hope Mom doesn’t get upset when she gets the rundown on what’s been tossed.

    • I’m glad I didn’t save any of the cats for you!!

      I’ve been keeping her posted. She’s okay with it so far – she told us what she wants to keep and she understands the rest is useless (unless you’re a f@%king cat!!)

  4. After experiencing what you are going through, the task of “getting rid of” family “treasures”, the things we tend to cling to but are unwanted by anyone else, I am trying to purge my own home now so my children will have an easier time in the future and if my cats cause a problem, I blame them anyway because they are not my cats, but the kids cats. (but I love them and so far, they only use the litter box)
    I pray you will get through this and mom will soon be settled in a new home.

    • Thanks very much for your kind words.

      I live very simply, and I hope I stay that way. I used to be a pack rat as a kid and have since learned the value of not over-buying and gotten rid of a lot of stuff myself.

  5. Cat pee is THE WORST smell. I don’t have a cat, but one that lived next door loved peeing on my back door. Yuck! Best of luck with the rest of the cleaning 😉

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