Missing: one monkey


The progression happened so slowly I could barely recognize the stages.  The large binding knot that continued to grow in my shoulder had begun to dissipate and unknowingly I was on my way to happiness again.

I have always been able to handle stress, on the outside, but inside my body was storing all of those tense moments and creating a winding path of pain and discomfort that made it difficult to sit or sleep comfortably.  It was a normal occurrence to wake with a headache and try my best to avoid taking pills to assuage the soreness at the base of my skull, but that monkey continued to sit on my back and weave the dull ache throughout my shoulder blades.


(image credit: globeandmail.com)

Two months ago I made the decision to change jobs after almost twenty years of being part of a resort family.  It was a monumental decision for me but one I do not regret.  The monkey, however, may have other thoughts.  With the change of employment came a sense of relief for me and that monkey no longer had the string to weave whenever he wanted.  His hobby became non-existent and he made the climb down from my back to seek refuge on another back that gave him something to work with.

I wake these days rested and free from pain, without having to drown some pain relievers with my morning coffee.  The monkey no longer dictates how I feel or insinuates its opinion on my range of motion.  I feel free.  I feel happy and, although there is some stress involved in the new job, I will not be filing a missing persons report for the pint-sized primate.

11 thoughts on “Missing: one monkey

  1. YAY!
    I understand the fear of change. Especially, moving away from your work “family” of 20 years. Wow. I thought MY 9 years, was pushing the limits of my sanity. 🙂
    Glad you have found solice and happiness in your new endeavors.
    Congrats on taking the big step to improve your emotional (thus physical) future.

  2. We spend so much of our life at work, we need to find a place where we’re happy. I’m glad you’ve found that place, Susan. When I was a little girl, I always wanted a pet monkey. 🙂

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