If I had a million dollars….


For those of you familiar with the song of the same name by The Barenaked Ladies (yes, a Canadian Band), you’ve undoubtedly heard what those crazy Scarborough guys would do if they were blessed with that amount of money.  This song was obviously written in their early days before they earned well over that amount.

one million dollars

(image credit: quickmeme.com)

The song always makes me think about what I would do with a million dollars (buy a Morgan, write my book).  I have seen several stories, one just as recently as tonight, about people who win large sums of cash and continue to work at the job they have been doing for years.  On one hand, it makes me happy that money will not change the winner of the money and they will remain at their job.  On the other hand, if the winner is able to invest their money wisely, I always think there is someone out there that could truly benefit from having a chance to do that job so they can pay their bills and provide for their family.

I have always been on the fence about this situation and wanted to put the question out there.  What would you do?  Would you quit your job or continue to work?

15 thoughts on “If I had a million dollars….

  1. I’ve envisioned this event for years. I’m now at a place that I would continue my work, but I would be able to do it in bigger way – after a nice long expensive vacation.

  2. A million dollars wouldn’t be enough to quit my job. Since I’m eons away from retirement and I’m the main income (and kids are expensive) I don’t see quitting in my future (though I joke with my boss on rough days that I’m going to buy a lottery ticket!)

  3. I would quit — if only to devote all of my waking energy to writing my own stuff. I’ve been very fortunate in my life to find a good balance between salaried writing coupled with a solid supplemental freelance income. With a good nest egg, however, I would have the opportunity to push the freelance angle all the way.

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