Sometimes you just need to look backwards


reflection quote

“A lake that is noisy cannot reflect anything”

– Robert Adams


I like to spend time reflecting.  I don’t dwell on the past but I do visit from time to time so I can take a moment to appreciate the lessons I have been taught along the way.  I am a different person from the one I was masquerading as many years ago.   And yesterday, the serenity of my day off provided me with ample moments to look back and plenty of time to plan my journey forward based on where I am in my present.

My lake was quiet today.  It afforded me a few precious moments to realize that if I hadn’t experience failure, I wouldn’t have learned to appreciate success.  If I hadn’t lost pieces of myself along the way, I would never have been able to have found the real me and respect who I truly am.

Looking backwards may seem like a waste of time but that personal reflection will remind you of where you came from and make you acknowledge where and who you are today.

8 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to look backwards

  1. Wise words 🙂 Great photograph too – I always love the energy of oranges with cerulean blue, and the hint of sap green and yellow ochre makes it perfect. Well, those are the shades on my screen!!!!

  2. Oh, I’ve been meaning to say that I like your way of posting short yet profound pieces. It’s a writerly way to be. After all, each of us has constant chatter in our heads. If we just pause, and give a bit more consideration to a passing thought, it might become a post. This in turn helps with being a regular poster. I will try to take a leaf from your book!

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