A couple of days, a couple of changes and a couple rays of hope


I ratted myself out in my post two days ago.  I haven’t been paying attention to my health by way of my food choices ergo I haven’t been paying attention to my overall wellness.  It’s amazing how quickly the wrong foods can wreak havoc on a human body.

The scientific make up of the human body is amazing.  It knows how to properly digest and use the correct foods and it has the hidden knowledge to be able to store “food” it doesn’t recognize and deposit those “foods” into fat cells until it can figure out what to do with them, which will be never.  Processed foods are the biggest culprits and those seemingly benign ingredients you cannot pronounce are the worst offenders.


It’s so easy to walk into the grocery store and purchase a pre-packaged dinner that you can just pop into the oven and eat thirty minutes later.  But it’s just as easy to buy some chicken breasts and throw them in the oven, saute some fresh vegetables and have a nutritious dinner in half an hour, and this meal is one your body will recognize and distribute appropriately to fuel itself.

For the last two days I have made a concerted effort to eat only food that has been prepared by me.  I control the ingredients, the amount of fat and sodium and the portion size.  I have been a champ about drinking 6-8 glasses of water and have made a pact with my dog to walk her every day after work, barring any more storms similar to The Wizard of Oz!   I can honestly say that, in this brief 48-hour period, I can feel a difference in my energy level and my mood.

My body has been trying to tell me this for while but I have been ignorant to its demands.  At least now, after feeling the effects of this minor euphoric state, I will be more cognizant of continuing this path and keeping myself the happiest and healthiest version of me.

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9 thoughts on “A couple of days, a couple of changes and a couple rays of hope

  1. I’m glad you’re already feeling a difference. It helps to make better choices when we can see results so quickly. I’ve been eating well for several months, however, have fallen off the wagon for Thanksgiving (sorry, can’t pass up stuffing.) I’ll be back to normal in a couple days. On the upside, I walked four miles today to help make up for it!

  2. I was feeling really ill a few months back – every day, my stomach was just getting bigger and bigger and I thought I must have developed some hideous disease. Then I gave up eating anything with wheat in it and I’ve found a new me!I know I have an intolerance to wheat, but over the years it’s kind of snuck back into my diet again (avocado on toast for brekkie is just so nice!). I really have to reign it in and only eat pasta or bread on special occasions, which really sucks. Food is so important to your overall well-being 😉

  3. I agree with the “If you can’t pronounce it, don’t eat it” philosophy.

    I also agree with the “If you can’t pronounce it, and it’s tastes good, learn to pronounce it” philosophy.

    Long story short, I eat crap, but have an excellent vocabulary.

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