Party on Weight! Party on Girth!


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I am not skinny.  I have never touted the pretense that I ever was skinny and by no means do I think I ever will be skinny.  I am not built that way and, after my many trips around the sun on this planet, I have come to accept that and be okay with it.  It’s who I am and I happily embrace who I am.  I have many other attributes I am proud of without having to slip into size zero pants.  And I am hoping I will remain this secure when the newest clothing lines are introduced and size “minus-ten” becomes the newest “in thing”.

But that is not saying that I have not made valiant attempts to become healthier by decreasing the caloric sums that enter my digestive system.  I am not a victim of fad diets.  I merely try to cook and eat whole, natural foods that consist of ingredients I can pronounce.  Chicken is a very easy item to cook with because it contains, well, chicken.  I try to avoid fast-food at all costs and hope the only processed foods I eat are ones I have processed myself so I can easily articulate the components of the nutrition that I am consuming.

In the process of communicating with my fat cells, the message was clearly not concise enough for them to understand – when I lose you, I don’t want you to come back and bring your friends!  “Weight” and “Girth” have been partying like rock stars in the Aurora, Illinois basement of my viscera and it’s time to pull the plug on the amp and shut this party down.

When I sat down and had a chat with those fat cells and told them the plan, I could swear I heard Mike Myers voices saying, “No Whey!”  Yes, Mike, “Whey…..because I’ve been told it’s good for you!”


18 thoughts on “Party on Weight! Party on Girth!

  1. We could all use a little more acceptance. The important thing is being healthy, not so much the size of our clothes. I’m with you on avoiding processed foods- I’m getting better about that since my younger son can’t have them. It would be mean to scarf down a package of oreos while he’s eating Greek yogurt and fruit 🙂

  2. And our bodies give us grief by rebelling: when we lose weight, our hunger hormones increase and our satiety ones decrease, making us want to eat more. It’s a defense mechanism that harkens back to our prehistoric days when food was in short supply, and laying down fat was a protective measure. Not so useful for us now though. Sigh.

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