My life is a romantic comedy, minus the romance



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For the past few months, I have been inspired by the genius idea from one Mr. Edward Hotspur.  He has encouraged us to write about romance, whether it is poetry, short fiction or a personal reflection.  I love everything that romance embodies, but the posts I have written that were spurred on by the Monday challenge were all pulled from the vault of my memories, fond recollections or wishes for the future.  My life, although loosely resembling a romantic comedy, currently contains no romance.

My daily existence does round out the rest of the requirements for the romantic comedy.  I’ve got some unique personality traits that could create a funny story line, I’ve got some quirky friends that make an appearance every few episodes, I have a job that allows me some creative material and a dog that could steal the show.

Living in a small town doesn’t afford too many opportunities to stumble upon romance.  I’ve caved a couple of times and tried online dating sites to see who may be lurking out there, but even the sights that promise to deliver matches based on specific traits that I have listed as important seem to fish in the shallow end of that dating pool.  I’m amazed at some of the “matches” that are sent my way and the online romantic search ends before it really begins.  Even though I have moments of bravery thinking I will give it another shot, I recall this experience and run, screaming, away from my laptop.

Although I’m fine being on my own, I find inspiration in the stories and poetry I read on this blog site written by strangers and by new friends.  They are happy to shout their romantic thoughts and experiences and it makes me want to continue the quest for that ever elusive romance.  The dream of him is still alive and I will continue to hold that dream close.  If we don’t embrace the darkness, we will never be able to see the stars.

12 thoughts on “My life is a romantic comedy, minus the romance

  1. Thank goodness your own sense of fun and yourself doesn’t depend upon “finding” someone. As Garth Brooks is fond of singing, Thank God for unanswered prayers. Carpe deum.

  2. I think you should play yourself; who could be better 😉 Oh, and as for the online dating… That’s how I met my wife. She winked. I blinked. And the rest is history. On our wedding announcements, we had this phrase across the front: “Isn’t it amazing where one little wink can lead?” Love will find you when — and from where — you least expect it. Keep a comedic heart. That way, when love appears out of nowhere, you won’t be startled 😉

  3. “If we don’t embrace the darkness, we will never be able to see the stars” – these are beautiful words! Once you’re a famous author you won’t be able to keep them away with a stick. I’m looking forward to watching the movie of your life. Melissa McCarthy sounds perfect for the lead role 😀

  4. Awww, I like the stars sentence too! So pretty. I agree, online dating can be a nightmare, I had this one guy religiously view my profile every two days for about three months! No contact, just looking. I mean I didn’t write a chapter book, he should have been able to read the whole thing in one go! W-what?

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